LED Based Position Volume Sensor

LED Light Based Position/Volume Sensor features of qvla®

  • Non-contact
  • FAST!
  • Typical 1,500—4,000 Hz Faster than LVDTs
  • Measures volumes
    Cylinder, Trapezoid, Sphere, Cubes etc
  • Multiple Outputs available (no sending unit):  Voltage, Frequency, SMBus, I2C
  • Weld Field Immune
  • Compatible with transparent fluids:  Water, Air, Oil
  • Infinite Resolution
  • Fiber Optic Ready Remote hazard sensing
  • Works with Plastic, Wood, Paper, Cloth
  • Accurate: Variable to .0005 inch repeatability. Higher resolutions and repeatability possible depending on volume shape and wall material.
  • Multiple outputs available.
  • No sending unit needed for: Voltage, Frequency, SMBus, I2C.

Has NO:

  • No Software
  • No Microprocessor
  • No Magnets
  • No Special Machining
  • No Alignment
  • No Ugly, vulnerable additions
*Rather than being "ADDED" to a product, QVLA® can be a solution "DESIGNED IN" saving money, creating more reliability and better looks. With QVLA® your product contains it's own quantitative analysis.